Liste des librairies disponibles / List of avaible library


Description: Standard mathematical library for GCC, replace the old PML.
Object libs are include for 68000, 68881 6820-40 and coldfire.
This archive need long file name support.

Language: C (GCC)


Description: MGEMLIB patchlevel 39 (Multithreading GEMLIB)

This library is binding for AES and VDI calls
It's base on GEMLIB patchlevel 38, this library :
- Add new calls for AES extensions of Magic
- Fix a lot of bugs of GEMLIB 38
- Optimise call of VDI and AES for speed
- Add use for multithreading
- Support MT_AES (the only way to call AES in dynamic library)
- No diffrence beetween int in 16 bit and 32! (except for wind_set() )
- C source and binary (GCC 16 - 32, PureC, SozobonX)
- Free - High performance library for GEM

This lib will be support on

Date : 21 - 02 - 2001

Thanks to Francois Le Coat, Arnaud Bercegeay, Eric Reboux, Roland Sevin, Olivier Landemarre

Language: C (GCC - PureC -SozobonX - ...)